Mr Belvedere Theme Song
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Mr Belvedere Theme Song And Lyrics

Mr Belevedere is a US comedy television series first released i 1985 on ABC network.

The show follows the trials and tribulations of Lynn Belvedere, a posh butler in the Owens household.

The theme song to the show is called “According to Our New Arrival” performed by Leon Redbone.

Mr Belvedere Lyrics

Streaks on the china
never mattered before who cares

When you dropped kicked your jacket
As you came through the door no one glared

But sometimes things get turned around
And no one’s spared

All hands look out below
There’s a change in the status quo
Gonna need all the help that we can get

According to our new arrival
Life is more than mere survival
We just might live the good life yet

Mr Belvedere Opening Credits and Theme Song Video

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