Monster By Mistake
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Monster By Mistake Theme Song And Lyrics

Monster By Mistake Lyrics

Hi my name is Warren and I’m just a kid like you
Or I was until I found evil Gorgool’s Magic Cube
Then he tricked me and I read a spell now every time I sneeze
Monster by Mistake

My sister Tracy tries the spell book
She never gets it right But Tracy doesn’t ever give up
Cuz you know one day she might
Find the words that will return me to my former width and height
I’m a Monster by mistah

I’m gonna tell you bout Johnny the Ghost
He’s a wise crackin trumpet playin friend
He lives up in the attic Shh Mom and Dad don’t know
Johnny always has a helping hand to lend

My secret monster rific life always keeps me on the run
And I’ve had a funny feeling that the story’s just begun
Everybody thinks its pretty awesome I’ve become
A Monster by Mistake

I’m a Monster by Mistake
I’m a Monster by Mistakee

Monster By Mistake Opening Theme

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