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Matlock Theme Tune

The Matlock Theme Tune is the catchy music that starts the TV show Matlock. The theme music was composed by Dick DeBenedictis, along with Artie Kane and William Ross.

The show originates from the United States and is spoken in English. It aired on NBC from March 3, 1986, to 1992 and later on ABC from 1992 to 1995.

Matlock ran for an impressive nine seasons, with a total of 193 episodes.

The theme tune sets the tone for the show’s episodes, introducing viewers to the world of the brilliant defense attorney, Ben Matlock, portrayed by Andy Griffith. The music’s distinctive and memorable melody adds to the charm of the series.

Matlock is a legal drama where the clever attorney solves criminal cases and defends his clients in the courtroom. The show’s theme song brings back fond memories of the captivating storytelling, intriguing mysteries, and Andy Griffith’s brilliant performance as Matlock.

Over the years, the Matlock Theme Tune has become synonymous with the show’s popularity, resonating with fans who enjoyed watching the clever and compassionate lawyer crack cases and deliver justice in his own unique style.

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