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King Leonardo And His Short Subjects Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “King Leonardo and His Short Subjects” is a lively and fun tune that introduces the TV show. The series is a classic animated cartoon that aired in the 1960s. The theme song sets the mood for the comedic and adventurous stories of King Leonardo and his friends. Each episode is short and features different subjects, making it entertaining for kids and families to watch. The show is filled with humorous antics and amusing characters, making it a delightful and enjoyable cartoon for all ages.

King Leonardo And His Short Subjects Theme Song Lyrics

Here comes Leonardo Leonardo Lion
King of Bongo Congo the hero lion of iron
Where Leonardo travels his subjects all go too
There’s Odio Cologne who’s loyal and true blue
I say there’s a booming Hunter a wily witty Fox
And Tooter who brings fun to you from Wizard’s magic box

Good King Leonardo has his enemies
Biggie with his pistols there’s Itchy with his fleas
They fought against the kingdom to overthrow the king
Looks like Leonardo has had his royal fling
But Odio Cologne steps in to change the play
That loyal skunk with skill and spunk comes through to save the day

You’ll find adventure and thrills
Laughter a minute too
You mustn’t miss excitement like this
Or Hunter may hunt you

Let’s watch Leonardo all his subjects too
Odio Cologne the Fox and Hunter too
Tooter and the Wizard they’re ready set to go
So everyone come join the fun on King Leonardo’s Show

[1960] (Total Television) – Intro

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