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Key And Peele Theme Song And Lyrics

The Key and Peele theme song sets the tone for the hilarious sketch comedy TV show. The series was created by the talented duo, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, who also served as writers alongside Colton Dunn. The first episode premiered on January 31, 2012, in the USA, and it quickly gained popularity for its witty and satirical humor.

Under the direction of Peter Atencio, Key and Peele produced a total of 53 episodes spread across 5 seasons. The show’s final episode aired on September 9, 2015, bringing an end to its successful run.

Throughout its time on air, Key and Peele delighted audiences with their sharp wit, relatable sketches, and clever commentary on various social and cultural topics, making it a favorite for fans of sketch comedy.

Key And Peele Theme Song Lyrics

Crazy crazy does does does is crazy
Crazy make up for adjustment
Just like you you jammin on the verse
First one’s planned but you want a girlfriend
And I bet do you dare when you
Fly up on the plane
Get you on something
But I will not dare ya bump
When I don’t do same
Everybody got to love yeah
Do not do the same
Everybody got a lotta yeah yeah

All I want yeah
But I don’t need yuh
Everybody gotta sing
All I want yeah
But I don’t need yuh

Everything about you baby
Got the flavor of the night
When I do ya how I’m feelin
It’s okay if you’re starving from your flight
Because we got more than we could tell ah
Is I would not see the sound

When your boot want foot
And you do do it
But you can’t do what
And you been down south
Put your both arms out
Put your both both both
Bip the bop bip the bop bip the bop bip the bop
And you want something
Won’t won’t won’t
I c can’t can’t can’t
But you won’t won’t won’t
And I wanted you
But you will not stay
What you want want want want
And I got you for
For for for
Two two thumbs
Would not say
And I got big big new feet
But I want and I want and I want and I want
And I want to do
Do what’s best
There ain’t sump n
There’s the rest
Like I’m not intere interested

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

All I want all I want
All I a all I want yeah
But I don’t need, yuh
All I want yeah
But I don’t need yuh

Theme Song Full by Reggie Watts

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