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Johnny Test Theme Song And Lyrics

The Johnny Test theme song is the catchy and energetic tune that introduces the animated TV show about a boy named Johnny who loves wild and crazy adventures. The song’s music was created by different composers for different seasons, with Kevin Manthei working on the first season and Ian LeFeuvre and Ari Posner collaborating on seasons 2 to 6.

The show first premiered on September 17, 2005, and was aired on various networks like Cartoon Network, The WB, and The CW. It’s a mix of science fiction, action, adventure, and comedy, making it entertaining for kids and adults alike.

Johnny Test follows the escapades of Johnny, his genetically modified talking dog Dukey, and his two super-genius twin sisters. Together, they go on wild experiments and face all sorts of zany situations.

The show spanned a total of 6 seasons, consisting of 117 episodes, with the final episode airing on December 25, 2014. Throughout its run, the Johnny Test theme song and the show’s delightful mix of humor and action brought joy to its audience, creating lasting memories for fans of the series.

Johnny Test Theme Song Lyrics

He’s got a head of fiery hair
And a turbocharged backpack
His genius sisters use him like a lab rat
A neat freak dad at home a super busy mom
But the boy’s best friend Is a talking dog
Three extreme teens and an air breathing shark
Mega action game controller skating in the park
Phero booster Bling Bling what do we make of this
Johnny Test Johnny Test
This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test
Johnny Test Johnny Test
This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test

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