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Jake And The Never Land Pirates Theme Song

The energetic and spirited theme song of “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” was brought to life by The Never Land Pirate Band. Released in 2016 as part of the album “Disney Sing-Along: Disney Junior Theme Songs,” this captivating tune quickly became a beloved anthem for young fans.

Under the direction of Howy Parkins, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” embarked on its first adventure on 14th February 2011 in the USA. Airing on Disney Junior and Disney Channel, the series captured the imaginations of children with its thrilling escapades, magical treasures, and lovable characters.

Over the course of four seasons and 104 episodes, the show took young viewers on captivating quests alongside Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and their trusty parrot Skully. Each episode delivered valuable lessons on friendship, teamwork, and problem-solving, all wrapped in an exciting and imaginative package.

The infectious “Jake and the Never Land Pirates Theme Song” perfectly embodied the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that defined the show. Its lively melody and catchy lyrics invited children to join the crew and set sail for thrilling exploits.

On 6th November 2016, the series concluded its final episode, leaving behind a legacy of cherished memories and cherished characters. The theme song remains a cherished part of the show’s legacy, serving as a joyful reminder of the magical world where dreams come true and young pirates can embark on endless adventures.

Song Lyrics

Just off the shores of Never Land
A hideaway at sea
Yo Ho Yo Ho
Let’s Go Let’s Go
A pirate band outwits the plans
Of Captain Hook and Smee
Yo Ho Yo Ho
Let’s Go Let’s Go

The merry crew of Never Land Pirates
Through & Through they’re jolly buccaneers
Join with Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Come Along – We need some volunteers

Jake Ahoy
Izzy Ahoy
Cubby Ahoy
Skully Ahoy

YooooooO Yo Ho

Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Climb aboard Me Hearties and be a pirate true
Let’s go! With Jake and the Neverland Pirates
We’ll set the course together – Come on and join the crew

Yo ho lets go

Official Theme Song Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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