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JAG Theme Tune

The theme tune of “JAG” is titled “Theme from JAG.” The music is composed by several talented individuals, including Bruce Broughton, who created the pilot and theme music, and Steven Bramson and Velton Ray Bunch, who contributed to six episodes.

“JAG” is a popular American TV series that aired for ten seasons, comprising a total of 227 episodes. The show follows the lives of military lawyers, known as Judge Advocate General (JAG) officers, as they investigate and litigate legal cases within the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

The show is set in the United States and is entirely in English, making it accessible to English-speaking audiences.

“JAG” originally aired on different networks, starting with NBC for the first season except episode 22, which aired on the USA Network. From season 2 onwards, the show moved to CBS, where it continued to air until the final season.

During its run, “JAG” gained a dedicated fan base and received critical acclaim for its compelling legal dramas, military themes, and character development. The show’s mix of legal proceedings and military action made it a unique and engaging series, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

JAG Theme Tune – Intro Season 1

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