Hyundai Tucson Commercial Song

Hyundai Tucson Commercial Song

Hyundai Tucson Commercial Song was produced using an ‘in house’ recording studio for commercial and advertisement purposes.
Often this kind of backing track does not have an artist or composer attributed to it in the public domain.
The track was adapted as a backing track by car manufacturers ‘Hyundai’ to promote their Tuscon SUV car.

  • Company Founded: 29 December 1967
  • Founder: Chung Ju-yung
  • Headquarters: Seoul
  • County: South Korea
  • Language: Korean

Hyundai Tucson Lyrics

Nice and dry, not again
Treasure hunting dirty business
Yes very

This is broken, Its not broken
It’s broken, no that’s how it works

Mr drake mr drake cars ready, thanks, seeya

Introducing Nathan Drake and the
Adventure ready Tucson
See them both in one truck

Hyundai Ad Video

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