Hero Elementary Theme Song
Animation Series Television

Hero Elementary Theme Song And Lyrics

Number of Episodes: 13

Number of Seasons: 1

County: United States

Language: English

Initial release: 1 June 2020

Hero Elementary Lyrics

If you’re a kid with powers then where’s the place to be
You belong at Hero Elementary

If you have super strength and can lift a ton or three
You belong at Hero Elementary

If your power lets you fly you’re like me Lucita Sky
Like to help out when there’s trouble Oh you bet I’m Benny Bubbles

Teleport in no time flat? Sara Snap can just like that
Use super tools to save the day Like AJ Gadgets I’m on my way

How do they save the day? well the scientific fact is
They use all kinds of powers they just need a little more

If you’re a future hero, come and you will see
You belong at Hero Elementary
We all belong at Hero Elementary

Hero Elementary Theme – Video

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