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Hello Kitty Paradise Theme Song And Lyrics

The Hello Kitty Paradise theme song is the cute and charming music that starts off the TV show all about Hello Kitty and her adorable friends and family. The theme song was composed by Sammie Crowley, Jonathan Wolff, and Bennett Salvay, and it sets the happy and delightful mood for the show.

The first episode of Hello Kitty Paradise aired on June 1, 2005, in the USA. Viewers got to join Hello Kitty, along with her friends Cathy, Mimi, and her loving Momma and Papa, as they embark on exciting adventures and share heartwarming moments together.

The show has a total of 32 episodes, each filled with fun and joy. The last episode aired on March 29, 2011, marking the end of Hello Kitty’s adventures in Paradise.

Though there are no more new episodes, fans can still enjoy the sweet and endearing Hello Kitty Paradise theme song and relive the precious moments shared by Hello Kitty and her friends through the episodes that have been made. It’s a show that brings smiles and happiness to everyone who loves Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Paradise Theme Song Lyrics

Everybody say Hello Kitty

Who loves flowers in the sun
Or a party just for one
It’s kitty kitty kitty
Who will invite her friends along
They could hear her play a song
It’s kitty kitty kitty

If you don’t know where she lives you’ve might of missed her
And her papa and her mama
And there’s Mimmy she’s my sister

They’re a itty bitty pretty kitty family
But even though they’re kitties they’re like you and me
Rainy days turn sunny funny wait and see

Always likes to play pretend
Or to make a brand new friend
It’s kitty kitty kitty!
Looks for rainbows in the sky
And the birds that fly so high
It’s kitty kitty kitty!

So if you wanna laugh and play
And learn new things everyday
There’s a kitty you should know
And it’s time to say hello
Say it clear now let’s all cheer say hello kitty

Intro Theme

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