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Green Acres Theme Song And Lyrics

The iconic theme song of Green Acres was composed by the talented Vic Mizzy. The series made its debut on September 15, 1965, captivating audiences with its unique brand of humor. As a successor to Petticoat Junction, the show was directed by Richard L. Bare and produced by Paul Henning. It found its home on the CBS network and was brought to life by the production company Filmways.

Lasting for six seasons, Green Acres aired a total of 170 episodes, with its final episode airing on April 27, 1971. Throughout its run, the show charmed viewers with the comical tale of Oliver Wendell Douglas and his cosmopolitan wife, Lisa, as they embarked on an adventure of rural living in Hooterville.

Vic Mizzy’s theme song perfectly complemented the show’s quirky and endearing nature. Its catchy melody and witty lyrics set the tone for the humorous misadventures that the characters experienced each episode. The tune became an integral part of the show’s identity, evoking nostalgia and fond memories for fans even years after the series concluded.

Green Acres remains a classic in the realm of television comedy, and Vic Mizzy’s memorable theme song continues to be celebrated as a testament to the show’s enduring popularity and charm.

Song Lyrics

Green acres is the place for me
Farm livin is the life for me
Land spreading out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan just give me that countryside

New York is where I’d rather stay
I get allergic smelling hay
I just adore a penthouse view
Dahling I love you but give me Park Avenue

The chores
The stores
Fresh air
Times Square

Green Acres Intro~HD With Lyrics (Youtube)

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