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Gimme A Break Theme Song And Lyrics

Gimme Me a Break is a US sitcom first release in 1981 on the NBC network. The theme song to this show is aptly called “Gimme Me a Break” by Neil Carter.

Gimme A Break Lyrics

Gimme a break i sure deserve it
It’s time i made it to the top
Gimme a break I’m looking forward
Get behind me pull out every stop

I want a happy ending
I’m tired of pretending
Won’t let em get the best of me
Wo wo wo wo

Gimme a break The game is survival
Gimme a break and plan my arrival
Gimme a break for heaven’s sake
What happened to my piece of the cake

Gimme a break
Gimme a break
Oh Gimme a break
Gimme a Break
Hey Gimme a Break

Gimme A Break Theme Video

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