geico commercial song

Geico Commercial Song

Geico Commercial Song features a song called ‘”Whoomp! (There It Is)”’ performed by hip-hop rap duo ‘Tag Team’.

This version of the popular song has been remixed am remastered to suit this commercial.

The original version of the song was first released in 1992,

The song was adapted by car insurance company ‘Geico’ as a backing track for a advertisement to promote their range of insurance services.

  • Company Founded: 1936, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Founders: Leo Goodwin, Sr., Lillian Goodwin
  • Headquarters: Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

Geico Commercial Lyrics

Did you know Geico could save you
hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more
So what are you waiting for
Hip hop group tag team to help you plan dessert

Ahh fesh vanilla rocky roll chocolate
Peanut butter cookie doh Scoop there it is
Scoop there it is Scoop there it is Scoop there it is

Scoop chakalaca chakalaca chakalaca chakalaca scoop
chakalaca chakalaca chakalaca chakalaca Scoop

Geico switch today and see all the ways you can save

Geico Music Video

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