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Geelong Cats Theme Song And Lyrics

The Geelong Cats theme song is an iconic anthem played when the Geelong Cats Australian Football League (AFL) team achieves victory. It’s a popular and catchy tune that fills fans with excitement and joy. The song’s lyrics are all about the team’s strength, determination, and never giving up. Hearing the Geelong Cats theme song after a win is a thrilling experience for supporters, creating a strong sense of unity and pride. The song has a long history, and it’s deeply ingrained in the team’s identity. It serves as a powerful motivator for the players and a source of celebration for fans, making it a cherished part of the Geelong Cats tradition.

Geelong Cats Theme Song Lyrics

We are Geelong the greatest team of all
We are Geelong we’re always on the ball
We play the game as it should be played
At home or far away
Our banners fly high from dawn to dark
Down at Kardinia Park

So Stand up and fight remember our tradition
Stand up and fight its always our ambition
Throughout the game to fight with all our might
Because we are the mighty blue and white
And when the ball is bounced through the final bell
Stand up and fight like hell

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