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Every Witch Way Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “Every Witch Way” is a catchy tune that sets the mood for the magical adventures in the TV show. The series aired on Nickelodeon and ran from January 1, 2014, to July 30, 2015, with a total of four seasons and 82 episodes.

The show revolves around a teenage girl named Emma Alonso, who discovers that she is a witch with extraordinary powers. Alongside dealing with typical high school drama, she gets involved in a magical battle between good and evil witches. “Every Witch Way” is a mix of comedy, fantasy, and drama, making it perfect for teens and young viewers.

The theme song introduces us to Emma’s world, where she navigates the challenges of her magical abilities while trying to live a normal teenage life. It sets the stage for the excitement, mystery, and fun that unfold throughout the series.

Due to the success of “Every Witch Way,” a spin-off series called “WITS Academy” was created. In this new show, magic takes center stage at a magical academy where young witches and wizards train to master their powers. The spin-off follows the journey of Andi, a young witch, as she faces thrilling trials and adventures at the academy.

In a nutshell, “Every Witch Way” is a Nickelodeon series about a teenage witch named Emma, who discovers her magical powers while facing typical high school challenges. The theme song adds to the magical atmosphere of the show. The success of “Every Witch Way” led to the creation of “WITS Academy,” a spin-off that continues the magical journey at a special academy for aspiring young witches and wizards.

Learn the lyrics to Every Witch Way

I cast a spell
It takes a hold of you
I see my dreams
And they’re all coming true

C’mon let’s go
You and me together
Look up ahead
There’s a magical adventure

Every witch way ay ay ay ayy
I’m trying every witch way ay ay ay ayy
I’m going every witch way ay ay ay ayy
Every witch way

Every Witch Way – Full Theme Song (Extended) Video

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