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Empty Nest Theme Song – Life Goes On

The theme song of “Empty Nest,” a TV show spin-off from “The Golden Girls,” was titled “Life Goes On.” The series aired on NBC and revolved around the life of Dr. Harry Weston, a widowed pediatrician, and his interactions with his grown-up daughters who had moved back home. The show was lighthearted and filled with humor and family dynamics.

The catchy theme song, “Life Goes On,” was composed by John Bettis and George Tipton. It set the tone for the show, reminding viewers that no matter what challenges life throws their way, they should keep moving forward. The song’s uplifting message mirrored the positive and humorous nature of the show.

“Empty Nest” premiered on August 18, 1989, and concluded on June 17, 1995, running for an impressive seven seasons and totaling 170 episodes. It was a spin-off of the popular series “The Golden Girls,” featuring some of the same characters from that show, like Harry Weston, whose wife had passed away.

In simple terms, “Empty Nest” was a comedy series that continued the story of one of “The Golden Girls” characters, Dr. Harry Weston. The show focused on his life as a single father with his daughters back at home. The theme song, “Life Goes On,” was a reminder to keep going, no matter what happens in life. The series entertained audiences for seven seasons with its humor and heartwarming family moments.

Life Goes On Lyrics

Life goes on and so do we
Just how we do it is no mystery
One by one one by one we fill the days
We find a thousand different ways

Sometimes the answer can be hard to find hard to find
That’s something I will never be
I’m always here for anything you need anything you need

Rain or shine I’ll be the one
To share it all as life goes on
We share it all as life goes on


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