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Elena of Avalor Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “Elena of Avalor” is a wonderful song that introduces the TV show. It was sung by the talented artist Gaby Moreno and is part of the “Elena of Avalor” album, which was released in 2016. The first episode of the series premiered on July 22, 2016, in the USA, and the final episode aired on August 23, 2020.

“Elena of Avalor” is an adventure-filled animated show with elements of fantasy and comedy. It is based on the show “Sofia the First,” created by Craig Gerber. The story follows a brave and kind princess named Elena, who becomes the ruler of the enchanted kingdom of Avalor after freeing it from an evil sorceress. As the new ruler, Elena faces various challenges and goes on exciting adventures with her friends to protect her kingdom.

Elena of Avalor Theme Song performed by Gaby Moreno sets the stage for Elena’s magical and courageous journey. The music composed by Tony Morales adds to the show’s captivating atmosphere. At the end of each episode, an instrumental version of the theme song plays as the closing theme.

Elena of Avalor is an animated TV show about a brave princess named Elena, who becomes the queen of the kingdom of Avalor. The theme song, sung by Gaby Moreno, introduces us to Elena’s exciting adventures. The show is filled with magic, fantasy, and humor, making it a joy to watch for both kids and grown-ups.

Elena of Avalor Lyrics

In a kingdom old and grand Elena
A princess bravely rules the land Elena
With her family by her side Elena
It’s a wild and daring ride
Elena Elena of Avalor

Myth and mystery everywhere Myth and mystery everywhere
Loyal friends are always there Loyal friends are always there
Magic shines from deep within Magic shines from within
Let her royal reign begin Elena Elena Elena of Avalor

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