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Darkwing Duck Theme Song And Lyrics

Darkwing Duck is a fun cartoon show about a superhero duck, and it has a really cool theme song! The person who came up with the show is named Tad Stones. The show first aired in the UK on March 6, 1994.

The theme song of Darkwing Duck is catchy and exciting! It was created by a composer named Philip Giffin. The song is instrumental, which means there are no words, just awesome music. You’ll hear it at the end of each episode.

The show is a mix of different types of stories. It’s a superhero show, so you’ll see Darkwing Duck using his special powers to fight bad guys and save the day. But it’s also really funny, with lots of jokes and humor that will make you laugh. And to add to the excitement, there are also mystery elements, so you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out what’s going to happen next!

The song was sung by the Disney Studio Chorus and was later included in the “Disney Classics” album released in 2013. Darkwing Duck has a total of 91 episodes spread across 3 seasons, making it a fantastic adventure for kids to enjoy!

Learn the lyrics to Darkwing Duck

Daring duck of mystery
Champion of right
Swoops out of the shadows
Darkwing owns the night
Somewhere some villain schemes
But his number’s up

3 2 1 Darkwing Duck When there’s trouble you call DW
Darkwing Duck Let’s get dangerous
Darkwing Duck Darkwing Darkwing Duck

Cloud of smoke and he appears
The master of surprise
Who’s that cunning mind behind
That shadowy disguise
Nobody knows for sure
But bad guys are out of luck.

Cause here comes Darkwing Duck
Look ou When there’s trouble you call DW
Darkwing Duck Let’s get dangerous
Darkwing Duck Better watch out you bad boys
Darkwing Duck

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