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Dark Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of the TV show “Dark” is a haunting and atmospheric tune composed by Ben Frost. The series first premiered on December 1, 2017, in the UK and concluded on June 7, 2020, after three seasons with a total of 26 episodes.

“Dark” is a German-language show that also includes German Sign Language. It was created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, who also wrote some of the episodes. Baran bo Odar directed the series.

The opening theme of “Dark” is titled “Goodbye” and is performed by Apparat, featuring Soap&Skin. The song perfectly sets the eerie and mysterious tone of the show, which revolves around time travel, family secrets, and complex relationships.

Throughout the series, viewers are taken on a mind-bending journey that intertwines different timelines and characters. The show’s intricate storytelling and gripping atmosphere have made it a favorite among fans of science fiction and mystery genres. “Dark” has been praised for its thought-provoking plot and impressive performances, and its theme song contributes to the overall immersive experience of the show.

Dark Theme Song Lyrics

Please put me to bed
And turn down the light

Fold down your hands
Give me a sign
Put down your lies

Lay down next to me
Don’t listen when I scream
Bury your doubts and fall asleep
Find out I was just a bad dream

Let the bed sheet
Soak up my tears
And watch the only way out
Don’t tell me why
Kiss me goodbye

For neither ever nor never goodbye
Neither ever nor never goodbye
Neither ever nor never goodbye goodbye

Apparat – Goodbye – Dark (Netflix)

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