Dark Theme Song
Sci Fi Series Television Thriller

Dark Theme Song And Lyrics

Dark Is a Sci fi thriller Web TV Series released on Netflix in December 2017. The show is based in fictitious German town.The scene is set after a child’s disappearance which opens up conspiracy theories of sinister time travel.

The theme song to Dark TV series is called “Goodbye” by Apparat (featuring Soap & Skin)

Learn Dark Theme Song

Please put me to bed
And turn down the light

Fold down your hands
Give me a sign
Put down your lies

Lay down next to me
Don’t listen when I scream
Bury your doubts and fall asleep
Find out I was just a bad dream

Let the bed sheet
Soak up my tears
And watch the only way out
Don’t tell me why
Kiss me goodbye

For neither ever nor never goodbye
Neither ever nor never goodbye
Neither ever nor never goodbye goodbye

Apparat – Goodbye – Dark (Netflix) Theme Song

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