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Danger Man Theme Tune

The Danger Man theme tune was created by three talented musicians: Edwin Astley, P. F. Sloan, and Steve Barri. The show originally aired from September 11, 1960, to January 12, 1968, and it had four series with a total of 86 episodes.

Edwin Astley, P. F. Sloan, and Steve Barri were the ones responsible for composing the catchy tune that introduced viewers to the exciting world of Danger Man. Their music set the tone for the show and got viewers excited for the adventures that were about to unfold.

Danger Man was a thrilling series starring Patrick McGoohan, where he played a secret agent taking on dangerous missions. The theme tune reflected the suspense and action-packed nature of the show, making it memorable for fans.

The show aired on ITV, one of the major television networks in the UK. With four series and 86 episodes, Danger Man had a successful run and gained a dedicated following.

Overall, thanks to the creative work of Edwin Astley, P. F. Sloan, and Steve Barri, the theme tune became an integral part of the show’s identity and contributed to its lasting popularity among audiences.

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