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Dallas Theme Song

The Dallas theme song is the iconic music that plays at the beginning of the long-running TV series called Dallas. The show aired for an impressive 14 seasons and had a total of 357 episodes. The theme song was composed by a talented musician named Jerrold Immel.

The Dallas theme song is an essential part of the show as it sets the mood and introduces viewers to the world of the Ewing family and their dramatic lives. Whenever you hear the theme song, you know it’s time to delve into the intriguing world of oil tycoons, family feuds, and scandalous secrets.

Jerrold Immel, the composer behind the catchy tune, was responsible for creating the perfect musical accompaniment to the show’s gripping storyline. His music added depth and emotion to the characters’ lives, making the viewing experience even more captivating.

Dallas, created by David Jacobs, first aired on April 2, 1978, and continued to enthrall audiences until May 3, 1991. Throughout its run, the show became a cultural phenomenon, and the theme song played a significant role in making it a beloved classic in television history.

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