colace commercial song

Colace Commercial Song

Colace Commercial Song was produced using an ‘in house’ recording studio for commercial and advertisement purposes.
Often this kind of backing track does not have an artist or composer attributed to it in the public domain.
The track was adapted as a backing track by pharmaceuticals company ‘Colace’ to promote colon relief products.

  • Company Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

Colace Commercial Lyrics

Colace knows going number two
can sometimes feel like you

Pinched off a porcupine
Wrestled out a wrecking ball
Pushed through a pineapple or two

Tried to pass an Elephant
Rolled out a water mellon
Strained until you turned
A shade of oooh

When pooping is painful
Rely on doctor recommended Colace
To soften that stool and
Make it easier to go with no stimulants

Colace from a number two
That’s easy to do

Colace Ad Video

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