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Chip And Potato Theme Song And Lyrics

The Chip and Potato Theme Song is the fun and cheerful music that starts the Chip and Potato TV show. The cool person who composed this music is My Kite Music Productions. When you hear this song, you know the adventures are about to begin!

The very first episode of this adorable show aired on October 15, 2018, in the UK. It’s like a big hug from your favorite characters! Chip and Potato were brought to life by Maddy Darrall, Catherine Williams, and the team at Darrall Macqueen, who created the show.

You can watch this show on Netflix. So, if you have a Netflix account, you can join Chip and Potato on their exciting journeys anytime you want.

The show has a total of four seasons, and in those seasons, there are 28 episodes filled with love, friendship, and learning. It’s like having a bunch of new friends to play with!

Chip is a brave little pug, and Potato is her best friend, who happens to be a teeny tiny mouse. They go on all sorts of adventures together, facing challenges, and learning important lessons along the way. It’s perfect for kids who love cute animals and heartwarming stories!

Chip And Potato Theme Song Lyrics

Right now Chip your fantastic
in every thing you do

There’s little mama and little papa
Chip and migo too

Chip and Potato Chip and Potato
SSH oo oo hugs and kisses

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