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Captain Scarlet Theme Song And Lyrics

The Captain Scarlet Theme Song titled “The Mysterons,” was composed by Barry Gray. The show was created by Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson, and produced by AP Films.

The first episode of “Captain Scarlet” aired on 29th September 1967 in the UK. The series is set in the future and follows the adventures of Captain Scarlet and his brave team, Spectrum. They are in a constant battle against an alien race called the Mysterons, who threaten Earth’s safety.

The show has 32 episodes in total and was presented as one complete series. It concluded on 14th May 1968.

In addition to the exciting opening theme, the show also had a closing theme called “Captain Scarlet,” adding to the drama and atmosphere of the series.

“Captain Scarlet” was beloved for its thrilling action, cool futuristic gadgets, and engaging storylines. The theme song, composed by Barry Gray, became iconic and added to the show’s popularity. Even today, fans fondly remember the heroic adventures of Captain Scarlet and the Spectrum team as they fought to protect Earth from the mysterious Mysterons.

Captain Scarlet Theme Song Lyrics

Captain Scarlet
He’s the one who knows the Mysteron game
And things that they plan

Captain Scarlet
To his Martian foes a dangerous name
A superman

They crash him and his body may burn
They smash him but they know he’ll return to live again

Captain Scarlet
As the Angels are flying wing to wing
Into the scene spectrum Is Green

Captain Scarlet
Though the Mysteron’s plan is to conquer the earth
This indestructible man will show what he’s worth
Captain Scarlet

Thee Indistructable Captain Scarlet

Theme 2 In Stereo

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