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Bratz Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of the TV show Bratz was composed by Matthew Gerrard, who created the lively and catchy tune.

The show first premiered on 10th September 2005 in the USA and was broadcasted on various networks, including 4Kids TV, Fox, and CITV. It is based on the popular Bratz dolls created by Carter Bryant.

The opening theme, titled “Bratz Main Theme,” is sung by Lauren Evans and sets the stage for the adventures of the Bratz girls.

“Bratz” is a series that combines adventure, comedy-drama, and teen drama. It follows the lives of four fashionable and diverse friends – Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade – as they navigate through high school and face various challenges and adventures together.

The series had a total of two seasons and 40 episodes, offering a fun and entertaining experience for viewers.

The show concluded on 26th February 2008, with its final episode marking the end of the Bratz girls’ on-screen adventures.

With its vibrant theme song and relatable stories, “Bratz” became a favorite among young audiences who enjoyed the stylish and spirited escapades of the iconic fashion-forward characters.

Bratz Theme Song Lyrics

Everybody now ooh
Time to show the whole world
What we’re all about
We’re the girls with a passion for fashion

Ooh Bratz we’ll always be there for eachother
Ooh Bratz yeah Stylin how we feel ooh

Talkin about best friends yeah
Together we can do anything oh
Gotta plan the dream take a chance to believe
Make it real
B B Bratz

Bratz Intro

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