Bracken's World Theme Tune
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Bracken’s World Theme Tune

The theme tune of the TV show “Bracken’s World” was composed by David Rose, who created the captivating tune that introduces the show.

The series first premiered on 19th September 1969 in the USA. It ran for two seasons, totaling 41 episodes, which provided viewers with plenty of drama and entertainment.

“Bracken’s World” is a drama series that takes place in the glamorous and competitive world of Hollywood. It follows the lives and struggles of various characters, including actors, producers, and other professionals in the film industry.

The final episode of “Bracken’s World” aired on 25th December 1970, marking the conclusion of the show’s run on television.

With its engaging theme tune and intriguing storylines, “Bracken’s World” was well-received by viewers, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the world of entertainment.

Although the show had a relatively short run, it left a lasting impression on those who enjoyed the glitz and drama of Hollywood’s inner workings, as well as the memorable theme music composed by David Rose.

Bracken’s World Theme Tune opening and closing credits

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