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Being Ian Theme Song And Lyrics

The Being Ian theme song is the catchy and upbeat music that starts off the animated TV show about a creative and imaginative boy named Ian. The theme music was composed by Ian James Corlett, who helped create the show’s fun and lively atmosphere.

Being Ian first aired on April 26, 2005, in Canada, and it was shown on YTV and Qubo. The show follows Ian Kelley, a kid who loves to let his imagination run wild and often finds himself in all sorts of hilarious situations.

Throughout its run, Being Ian entertained viewers with its comedic and adventurous stories. The show had three seasons, totaling 63 episodes, and the final episode aired on October 11, 2008.

The ending theme, called “Being Ian Ending Theme Song,” was performed by Brian “Hoot” Gibson and Ian James Corlett, adding to the show’s fun and memorable experience.

Although the show is no longer producing new episodes, fans can still enjoy the Being Ian theme song and relive the creative and humorous adventures of Ian through the episodes that have been made. It’s a show that celebrates the power of imagination and the joy of being a kid.

Being Ian Theme Song Lyrics

Lights Camera Action
Being Ian Being Ian
Anything Is Possible
Whoa Whoa
Just Giving you the Shots

Being Ian Being Ian
Why can’t the world just see things My Way
Being Ian
All the world’s a movie scene
Whoa Whoa
You got the lead role
Being Ian
Your life can be a masterpiece
Whoa Whoa
So Get on with the show

Being Ian a million moving pictures speeding right inside my Brain
Why can’t the world just See things my Way

Original Intro Song

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