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Battle Creek Theme Song And Lyrics

“Battle Creek” was a crime drama series that aired on CBS. The show’s theme song, “Lost to be Found,” was composed by Brandon Calhoon. “Battle Creek” first premiered on October 6, 2015, and had a single season with 13 episodes.

The series boasted an impressive team of executive producers, including Vince Gilligan, known for his work on “Breaking Bad,” David Shore, the creator of “House,” and Mark Johnson, a renowned producer associated with critically acclaimed projects.

Set in Battle Creek, Michigan, the show centered around a mismatched duo of law enforcement officers: Detective Russ Agnew, played by Dean Winters, and FBI Special Agent Milton Chamberlain, portrayed by Josh Duhamel. The two had contrasting personalities and investigative approaches, leading to both humorous and dramatic moments.

Brandon Calhoon’s theme music beautifully complemented the show’s crime-solving narrative, creating an engaging atmosphere for viewers. The series effectively blended elements of crime, drama, and comedy, providing a captivating viewing experience.

Despite its talented production team and promising premise, “Battle Creek” was canceled after its first season due to low ratings. Nevertheless, the show garnered a dedicated fan base and remains appreciated for its witty writing and compelling performances.

In its short run, “Battle Creek” offered a taste of small-town detective work with intriguing cases and memorable characters. The show’s theme song, along with its thrilling and humorous storylines, continues to resonate with those who enjoyed this unique crime drama on CBS.

Theme Song Lyrics

I might be gone around now
Check me out tomorrow
Eyes will see you when they open
Please remind me to speak

I am falling from a steepened mountain
Broken heart, you think?
Well it’s just you, so please forget me

I’m lost to be found
I’m lost to be found

Battle Creek (TV series) / Title sequence

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