Bat Masterson Theme Song And Lyrics
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Bat Masterson Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of the TV show Bat Masterson was composed by Havens Wray, also known as David D. Rose. The show first aired on 8th October 1958 in the USA and was categorized as a Western genre series.

The show had a total of three seasons and 108 episodes. It followed the adventures of Bat Masterson, a legendary Old West figure known for his skills as a lawman and gambler.

The theme song was performed by Bill Lee, who sang the ending theme of the show. The music added to the excitement and atmosphere of the Wild West setting, enhancing the overall experience for viewers.

“Bat Masterson” aired on the NBC network and was produced by a team consisting of Frank Pittman, Andy White, and Frederick W. Ziv. They were responsible for overseeing the production and making sure everything ran smoothly.

The series concluded with its final episode on 1st June 1961, marking the end of Bat Masterson’s adventures on television. The theme song, along with the thrilling stories and iconic character, made “Bat Masterson” a beloved classic among fans of Western TV shows.

Bat Masterson Theme Song Lyrics

Back when the West was very young
There lived a man named Masterson
He wore a cane and derby hat
They called him Bat Bat Masterson

A man of steel the stories say
But women’s eyes all glanced his way
A gambler’s game he always won
His name was Bat Bat Masterson

The trail that he blazed is still there
No one has come since to replace his name
And those with too ready a trigger
Forgot to figure on his lightning cane

Now in the legend of the west
One name stands out of all the rest
The man who had the fastest gun
His name was Bat Bat Masterson

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