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Bananas in Pyjamas Theme Song And Lyrics

The “Bananas in Pyjamas” theme song is a cheerful and delightful tune that has been loved by children and families since its release in 1997. The song was composed by Carey Blyton and performed by the singing group “Bananas in Pyjamas.” It quickly became a favorite among young audiences, setting the stage for the fun and adventures that followed.

The show first premiered in Australia on July 20, 1992, and was created by Helena Harris. It was produced in the ABC Studios and aired on various networks, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The show’s popularity grew, leading to a total of 304 episodes spread across six series.

“Bananas in Pyjamas” follows the adventures of B1 and B2, the two lovable bananas who wear pyjamas (pajamas) and live in the colorful Cuddlestown. Alongside their friends, the Teddies and Rat-in-a-Hat, they engage in playful antics and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

The final episode of the show aired on December 14, 2001, marking the end of this beloved children’s program. Throughout its run, “Bananas in Pyjamas” captivated young imaginations with its fun-filled stories and memorable characters. And of course, the catchy theme song was an essential part of the experience, bringing smiles to the faces of countless children as they joined the Bananas on their exciting adventures.

Bananas in Pyjamas Lyrics

Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs
Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs
Bananas in pyjamas are chasing teddy bears
cos on Tuesdays they all try to catch them unawares

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