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B Positive Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of the TV show B Positive was created by Chuck Lorre and Keb’ Mo‘. In the first two episodes of the first season, the song was performed by Keb’ Mo’, and from the third episode of the second season to episode 16, it was performed by Annaleigh Ashford.

The show had a total of 34 episodes spread across 2 seasons. It was created by Marco Pennette, who also wrote for the series. “B Positive” first premiered on 5th November 2020 on the CBS network, and its final episode aired on 10th March 2022.

The series revolves around a man named Drew, who is in need of a kidney transplant, and his former acquaintance Gina, who volunteers to be his kidney donor. The show follows their journey together, dealing with health challenges and forming a unique friendship.

The theme song, titled “B Positive,” likely captures the essence of the show’s heartwarming and sometimes humorous moments, making it a memorable part of the series.

B Positive lyrics

The more you give the more you give
The more you live the more you live
And your happiness happiness
Is relative but if you’re
But if you’re feeling like crap
It’s time to face the fact
It’s your prerogative your prerogative
To be positive

Intro on CBS Los Angeles (KCBS)

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