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Astro Boy Theme Song Lyrics And Video

Astro Boy is a animated super hero based feel good animation, it was first screened in US in 2009 by Imagi Animation Studios. Loosely based on the Manga series of the same title, Astro Boy was written and illustrated by Japenese author Osamu Tezuka.

The plot follows Toby Tenme as super hero Astro Boy and his adventures and conquests in futuristic Metro City.

The theme song for Astro Boy was written and composed by John Ottaman and in association with Jeffrey Schindler and Supervising orchestrator Rick Giovinazzo. Released in 2009.

Lyrics For Astro Boy Theme Song

There you go, Astro Boy,
On your flight into space.
Rocket high, through the sky,
What adventures soon you will make!

Astro Boy, bombs away,
On your mission today.
Here’s the countdown
And a blastoff,
Everything is Go, Astro Boy!

Astro Boy, as you fly,
Strange new worlds you will find.
Atom celled, jet-propelled,
Fighting monsters high in the sky!

Astro Boy, there you go,
Will you fight friend or foe?
Cosmic ranger, laugh at danger,
Everything is Go, Astro Boy!

Crowds will cheer you,
You’re a hero,
As you go, go, go, Astro Boy!

Astro Boy 1980 English Intro Theme Video

Astro Boy opening theme (1960’s)

Astro boy theme song Video

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