Ally McBeal Theme Song
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Ally McBeal Theme Song And Lyrics

Ally McBeal is a US TV series set in the offices of a Boston legal law firm. The comedy drama sets out the life and situations of Aly Mcbeal and her lawyer colleagues.

The theme song for the TV series Ally McBeal is called ‘Searchin My Soul’ composed for the series by Danny Lux. See the lyrics to the theme tune below.

Lyrics For Ally Mcbeal

I’ve been down this road
Walking the line that’s painted by pride
And i have made mistakes in my life that i just can’t hide

But I believe I’m ready
for what love has to bring
I’ve got myself together
Now i’m ready to sing

I’ve been searching my soul tonight
I know there’s so much more to life
Now I know I can shine a light
to find my way back home

Baby yeah oh yeah

Ally McBeal Opening Credits

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