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64 Zoo Lane Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of the TV show “64 Zoo Lane” was composed by Rowland Lee. It was released in the year 2010 and was part of the album “CBeebies: Song Time.” The show first aired in the UK on 13th April 1994 and had a total of 104 episodes spread across 4 seasons. The final episode was broadcast on 28th February 2013.

“64 Zoo Lane” was shown on various networks, including CBeebies, Freeform, ZDF, and France 5. The show’s creator is An Vrombaut. The main characters of the show include Nelson the Elephant, Georgina the Giraffe, and Eleonor, along with others.

The theme song is likely a catchy and memorable tune that introduces viewers to the exciting world of the zoo and the adventures of the animal characters living on 64 Zoo Lane.

64 Zoo Lane Theme Song Lyrics

64 64 64 Zoo Lane
64 64 64 Zoo Lane

Look there’s one with a hump
And one who can jump
And one who is
a little bit plump

64 64 64 Zoo Lane

Some like it hot
And some like it chilly
And some like it both ways
And that’s a bit silly

64 64 64 Zoo Lane

Some are friendly
Some are scary
But one thing is sure
Not one is ordinary

64 64 64 Zoo Lane

Some are spotty
Some are stripey
And prickley and woolly and furry and slimey
Some are quite big
And some are very small
And the last one’s Georgina
Who’s incredibly tall
64 64 64 Zoo Lane
64 64 64 Zoo Lane

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