12 O'Clock High Theme Song And Lyrics
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12 O’Clock High Theme Song And Lyrics

The 12 O’Clock High Theme Song is the dramatic and thrilling music that starts off the 12 O’Clock High TV show. The music was created by a talented composer named Dominic Frontiere.

The show’s very first episode aired on 18th September 1964 in the USA. It was shown on the ABC network, which is a popular channel.

The show had a total of 78 episodes spread across three seasons. It’s all about the intense and challenging experiences of an American bomber unit during World War II.

The producers of the show were Frank Glicksman and William D. Gordon, who made sure everything ran smoothly during production.

The final episode of 12 O’Clock High was shown on 13th January 1967, bringing the series to a close after a successful run.

The show explores the courage, sacrifice, and camaraderie of the soldiers as they face the dangers of war. It’s filled with action, emotion, and gripping stories that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

12 O’Clock High Theme Song Lyrics

12 o’clock high, a Qm product staring

Robert Lacing also starring John Larking

And Frank Overton with guest star Paul Burke

Tonight’s episode…………

(Intro) S1 (1964)

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