Wumpa's World Theme Song
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Wumpa’s World Theme Song And Lyrics

Wumpa’s World Lyrics

In a sno wonderful place up on top of the world
Where it’s chilly and icy and frosty and cold
Live Zig and Zag the best of friends
With adventures and tales that never ever end

Wumpa’s world wonderful whimsical Wumpa ful

We zig and zag we skid and we race
Zooming and vrooming all over the place
Zip out to the igloo see who lives there
It’s Tiguak Hey The sly polar bear

Scoot over the hill and go around the bend
To meet Seeka and Tuk our snow hare friends
Slide a bit further and take a quick look
It’s me Wumpa the walrus in my cozy nook

Wumpa’s world wonderful whimsical Wumpa ful
Wackily wintery The wonderful Wumpa’s world

Wumpa’s World Intro Video

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