The Smurfs Theme Song
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The Smurfs Theme Song And Lyrics

The Smurfs is a US/Belgian animated cartoon in the fantasy genre. The animated series is aimed at young children and was first shown in 1981 on NBC.

Smurfs are happy little characters that live in the fantasy world of SmurfWorld.

The theme song to The Smurfs is called “The Smurfy Way” and is also known as the “La La Song”.

The Smurfs Lyrics

La la la la la la
Sing a happy song
La la la la la la
Smurf the whole day long

Smurf along with me

Simple as can be

Next time you’re feeling blue just let a smile begin
Happy things will come to you so smurf yourself a grin

Oooooo I hate Smurfs

I’ll get you I’ll get all of you if it’s the last thing I ever do hehehehe ahahah
La la la la la la now you know the tune you’ll be smurfing soon

The Smurfs intro song

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