The Loud House Theme Song
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The Loud House Theme Song and Lyrics

The Loud House is a US animated television show first released in 2016 on Nickelodeon TV channel.

The series follows the chaotic lifestyle of Lincoln Loud, middle chils and only son of a large family. The popular show was based in the fictional town of Royal Woods.

The them songs to the show are called “The Loud House Theme Song” by Michelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell, and Chris Savino.

The Loud House Lyrics

Crashing through the crowded halls
Dodging girls like ping pong balls

Just to reach the bathroom on time
Hey Hey Hey

Leaping over laundry piles
Diapers you can smell for miles
Guy’s gotta do what he can to survive

In the Loud House In the Loud House
Duck dodge push and shove
It’s how we show our love

In the Loud House In the Loud House
One boy and ten girls
Wouldn’t trade it for the world

Loud House Loud Loud House

The Loud House Official Theme Song HQ – Youtube

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