the casagrandes theme song
Animation Series Television

The Casagrandes Theme Song And Lyrics

Number of Episodes: 54

Number of Seasons: 3

County: United States

Language: English

First episode date: 14 October 2019

The Casagrandes Lyrics

I’m in the big city with my big familia
Everyday here is my favorite día
One big house and our family store
Food and laughter ¡y mucho amor

Tíos abuelos all of my primos
A dog a parrot amigos
We’re one big family now
Sundays and Mondays
They’re all fun days when you’re with the

Casagrandes Mucha vida
Casagrandes Bienvenida
Casagrandes Mucha risa
Casagrandes We’re all familia

The Casagrandes Theme – Video

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