Boondocks Theme Song
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The Boondocks Theme Song And Lyrics

The Boondocks is an animated adult sitcom launched on the American TV network. The series is based around the Freemans, an African-American family as they move and settle in to a predominantly white suburb of Woodcrest.

The theme song for the show shares the same name, The Boondocks and was performed by US Hip Hop star Ashera.

Boondocks Theme Song Lyrics

I am the stone that builder refused
I am the visual
The inspiration
That made lady sing the blues

I’m the spark that makes your idea bright
The same spark
That lights the dark
So that you can know your left from your right

I am the ballot in your box
The bullet in your gun
The inner glow that lets you know
To call your brother son
The story that just begun
The promise of what’s to come
And I’m ‘a remain a soldier till the war is won

The Boondocks Theme lyrics Video

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