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The Adventures Of Paddington Bear Theme Song And Lyrics

The Adventures of Paddington Bear theme song is the delightful and catchy music that starts off the animated TV show about the beloved bear named Paddington. The tune was composed by Milan Kymlicka and sets the mood for Paddington’s fun and heartwarming escapades.

The show aired on several networks like ITV, TF1, Cartoon Network, and Canal J, reaching audiences far and wide. It follows the lovable Paddington Bear, based on the character created by Michael Bond, as he explores the world and learns about new things with his signature red hat and suitcase.

With three seasons and a total of 117 episodes, the show has touched the hearts of many viewers with its charming stories. Directed by Marcos DaSilva for seasons 1 and 2, and Francois Perreault for season 3, the show’s animation brings Paddington’s adventures to life.

The Adventures of Paddington Bear aired its first episode on June 14, 1997, and continued to entertain audiences until February 2, 2000. Even though the show has ended, fans can still enjoy the instrumental ending theme, “He’s Paddington Bear (One of a Kind),” and revisit Paddington’s wonderful journeys through the episodes that have been made.

The Adventures Of Paddington Bear Theme Song Lyrics

Left Peru and sailed to
England alone
There he met the Browns
and they took him home

Now a new life has begun
he’s Windsor Garden’s favorite son
cause he always does his best
to help everyone

When a problem appears
he never misses a beat
and always finds a way
to land on his feet

Has his very own unique
point of view
Looks at everything
as if its brand new

He is friendly and polite
and he tries to do things right
But he gets in sticky
messes just the same

He’s curious and speaks his mind
but trouble’s never far behind

It’s Paddington Bear
he’s one of a kind

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