sol beer Commercial Song

Sol Beer Commercial Song – The Sol Bar

Sol Beer commercial song is backing music to an ad created by Sol Beers to promote the Sol Sun Bar brand. Sol Beers has used various tunes and tracks to promote their brand, this ad is aimed at promoting the London based Sunshine bar.

“Sol is all about tasting the sun together. To bring the sun back to Londoners this rainy October, we opened the UK’s first bar where the sun never sets, connecting people with the positive energy of the sun.”

  • Company Founded: 15 February 1864
  • Founder: Gerard Adriaan Heineken
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam
  • Country: Holland
  • Language: Dutch

Sol Beer Commercial Lyrics

64 percent of people in the uk estimated
They get no more than a hour of sunlight
During the whole of the winter

30 minutes in this bar gives you more sunlight
than what 45 per cent of office workers
Think they get during the winter

Sol Beer Music Video

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