Sid The Science Kid Theme song
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Sid The Science Kid Theme Song And Lyrics

Sid the Science Kid is a US CGI animated television show first released in 1998 on PBS kids.

Sid is a computer generated character that uses fun to address kids science facts and questions as he trys to solve them with the help of his class mates and family.

The theme song to the computer animated series is called “Sid the Science Kid” composed by Dena Diamond and Mike Himelstein.

Sid The Science Kid Lyrics

Hey Sid what do you say
Whatcha wanna learn today

I want to know why things happen and how
And I wanna know everything now oh yeah
How does this thing work
Why does that stuff change
How does that do what it just did hmm

What’s up with the sky
Do you think I can fly
The world is spinning and I wanna know why
I got a lot of questions and big ideas
I’m Sid the Science Kid

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