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Sid The Science Kid Theme Song And Lyrics

The Sid the Science Kid Theme Song is the fun and catchy tune that starts the TV show Sid the Science Kid. The show aired on PBS KIDS and PBS, and it was created by The Jim Henson Company.

The theme song, composed by Michael Turner and Mike Himelstein, introduces us to Sid, a curious and energetic kid who loves science. The show follows Sid and his friends as they embark on various scientific adventures and learn about the world around them.

The first episode of Sid the Science Kid aired on September 1, 2008, in the USA, and it concluded with its final episode on November 15, 2012. Throughout the two seasons and 67 episodes, kids were entertained and educated about different scientific concepts, from animals and plants to simple machines and the weather.

The ending theme of the show is an instrumental version of the Sid the Science Kid song, leaving viewers with a cheerful and positive vibe after each episode. The series became a hit with young audiences and remains a popular choice for children who want to explore and discover science in a fun and engaging way.

Sid The Science Kid Theme Song Lyrics

Hey Sid what do you say
Whatcha wanna learn today

I want to know why things happen and how
And I wanna know everything now oh yeah
How does this thing work
Why does that stuff change
How does that do what it just did hmm

What’s up with the sky
Do you think I can fly
The world is spinning and I wanna know why
I got a lot of questions and big ideas
I’m Sid the Science Kid

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