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Rwby Theme Song And Lyrics Volume 3

Rwby Lyrics Volume 3

RWBY (Vol.3) is a US anime web series that is shown on line only. The series was created by Mony Oum in association with Rooster Teeth Productions and first posted online in 2013 on The Rooster Teeth website and later posted as a series on Youtube.
Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang are the main animated characters and the show gets its name from their initials. The theme music to the show is composed by Jeff Williams

Maybe red’s like roses
Maybe it’s the pool of blood
The innocents will lay in
When in the end you’ve failed to save them

Their dying eyes
Are wide and white like snow
And now they know
The cost of trusting you so obliteration

Mirrors will shatter
Crushed by the weight of the world
The pillars collapse in shame

There’ll be no rest
There’ll be no love
There’ll be no hero in the end
Who will rise above

And when it ends
The good will crawl
The shining light will sink in darkness
Victory for hate incarnate
Misery and pain for all when it falls

RWBY Volume 3: Opening Animation | Rooster Teeth

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