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Moonlighting Theme Song And Lyrics

The Moonlighting theme song, performed by the legendary artist Al Jarreau, remains an iconic piece of television history. Released in 1987, it became synonymous with the hit TV show “Moonlighting,” which first aired on 26 May 1986 in the UK and ran until its final episode on 14 May 1989.

The show, created by Glenn Gordon Caron, featured a mix of drama, comedy, and romance, making it a beloved classic of its time. The theme song’s smooth and soulful tones perfectly complemented the show’s witty banter and on-screen chemistry between the stars, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

Al Jarreau’s mesmerizing vocals and the infectious melody captured the essence of “Moonlighting,” adding to the show’s allure and charm. As viewers tuned in for 67 episodes over five seasons, they couldn’t help but be drawn in by the enchanting theme song, composed by the talented Lee Holdridge.

Decades later, the Moonlighting theme song continues to evoke fond memories and nostalgia, a timeless reminder of a cherished era in television history.

Moonlighting Theme Song Lyrics

Don’t You Chang
Some walk by night
Some fly by day
Nothing could change you
Set and sure of the way

Charming and Bright
Laughing and gay
I’m Just a stranger
Love the Blues and the Braves There is the sun and moon

They sing their own sweet tune
Watch them when dawn is due
Sharing one space Some walk by night
Some fly by day
Some think it’s sweeter
When you meet along the way Come walk by night

Come fly by day
Some thing is sweeter
Cause we met along the way We’ll walk by night
We’ll fly by day
Moonlighting strangers
Who just met on the way
Who just met on the way

Moonlighting Theme Tune (Season 1 To 3)

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