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Louie Theme Song And Lyrics

Louie is a French made animtaed TV series released on most major childrens TV channels around the world including Nickelodeon, Super RTL, Discovery Kids Latin America, Disney Channel, ABC, and CBeebies.

Aimed at young children the shows main character is Louie the animated rabbit that draws pictures when he comes to life. The show was released in various languages.

The theme song music for the show was composed and performed by Eduardo Makaroff, Paul Lazar, Shawn Lee.

Louie Lyrics

Louie yoo hoo Louie

I will teach you how to make a picture now
Drawing can be fun let me show you how it’s done
Draw us a picture Louie

When I colour in the magic will begin
And together we’ll make a picture come real
Draw us a picture Louie

Take a look and see how easy it can be
Come along and draw with me
So draw us a picture draw us a picture Louie

Louie theme song – cbeebies

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