Little Lulu Theme Song
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Little Lulu Theme Song And Lyrics

Little Lulu Lyrics

Oh Lulu
Little Lulu Little Lulu with freckles on your skin
Always in and out of trouble but mostly always in
Using Dad’s necktie for the tail on your kite
Using Mom’s lipstick for the letters you write

Little Lulu Little Lulu there’s no one quite as smart
doesn’t matter what you’re doing
You’re doing it with your heart
Shining girls are dancing there’s a sparkle in your eye
When can we look forward to your next surprise
What a surprise

Oh the clock says 7:30 it’s really after 10
Look’s like Lulu’s been repairing it again
Though you’re wild Wild
You know it’s true loo
And you’re very hard to tame
Little Lulu We love you
Just the same the same
Little Lulu we love you
Loo just the same

The Little Lulu Show intro

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