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I Dream of Jeannie Theme Song And Lyrics

The enchanting theme song of “I Dream of Jeannie” encapsulates the whimsical and magical essence of the beloved sitcom. The show first aired on September 18, 1965, in the United States, capturing the imaginations of viewers for five delightful seasons until its final episode on May 26, 1970. Titled “Jeannie,” the theme song was a collaborative effort by composers Hugo Montenegro, Richard Wess, Nelson Riddle, Van Alexander, and Sonny Burke. It weaves a captivating melody that perfectly complements the show’s comedic and fantastical elements.

Directed by Gene Nelson, Hal Cooper, Claudio Guzmán, Larry Hagman, and Michael Ansara, “I Dream of Jeannie” thrived within the sitcom and fantasy genres. With a total of 139 episodes, the show provided endless entertainment as audiences followed the misadventures of astronaut Tony Nelson, played by Larry Hagman, and the mischievous, magical Jeannie, portrayed by Barbara Eden.

I Dream of Jeannie Theme Song, with its catchy melody and playful orchestration, remains a timeless piece of television history. Its memorable tune transports viewers to a world of fantasy, where genies grant wishes and comedic escapades unfold. The combined efforts of the talented composers resulted in a theme song that captured the essence of the show’s charm and remains beloved by fans even today.

Theme Song Lyrics

Jeannie fresh as a daisy
Just love how she obeys me
Does things that just amaze me so

She smiles Presto the rain goes
She blinks up come the rainbows
Cars stop even the train goes slow

When she goes by
She paints sunshine on every rafter
Sprinkles the air with laughter
We’re close as a quarter after three

There’s no one like

Jeannie I’ll introduce her
To you but it’s no use sir
Cause my Jeannie’s in love with me

I Dream Of Jeannie Main Theme

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