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Hogan’s Heroes Theme Song

The Hogan’s Heroes theme song, aptly titled “Hogan’s Heroes March,” is a memorable tune that accompanied the popular television sitcom. Composed by Jerry Fielding, the song became synonymous with the show’s witty and lighthearted tone.

First airing on September 17, 1965, the program was created by Albert S. Ruddy and Bernard Fein, and it entertained audiences with its clever blend of comedy and wartime setting. The Hogan’s Heroes theme song, with its spirited melody and energetic brass instrumentation, set the stage for the hilarious misadventures of Colonel Hogan and his crew of Allied prisoners of war.

Over the course of six seasons and 168 episodes, the sitcom charmed viewers with its humorous portrayal of clever subterfuge and slapstick comedy within a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. The catchy Hogan’s Heroes March added to the show’s appeal, becoming a recognizable element that evoked anticipation for each episode.

The final episode of Hogan’s Heroes aired on April 4, 1971, bringing the beloved series to a close. However, the legacy of the theme song and the show itself continues to endure, cherished by fans for its humor and memorable characters.

Jerry Fielding’s composition for Hogan’s Heroes has become an iconic piece of television music, forever associated with the show’s light-hearted spirit and comedic brilliance.

Heroes, heroes, husky men of war,
Sons of all the hreoes, of the war before.
We’re all heroes up to our ear o’s
You ask questions
We make suggestions
That’s what we’re heroes for.

All good heroes love a good, big fight
Open up the bomb bays and brighten up the night.
We applaud the people who laud us,
You pull the roses,
We punch the noses,
That’s what we’re heroes for.

What’s a hero do?
Well, we’re not gonna tell ya
Cause we wish we knew.
That’s why we heroes are so few.
We’ve got a slogan
From Colonel Hogan
And Colonel Hogan’s a hero too.

Never flinch, boys, never be afraid,
Heroes are not born, boys, heroes are made.
Ask not why, boys, never say die, boys,
Answer the call, remember we’ll all be heroes forever more.

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